Archive of Přemysl Pitter and Olga Fierzová
Without love, without humanity, without compassion of human to human, nothing can succeed.
Přemysl Pitter

Life stories of German and Jewish “Přemysl Pitter´s children” in new documentaries

On 20 September 2016, The National Pedagogical Museum and Library of J. A. Comenius and The Foundation of Přemysl Pitter and Olga Fierz introduced ceremonially the new documentaries on life stories of to-be Přemysl Pitter´s children.
Personal statements of to-be P. Pitter´s children were shot in authentic surroundings of their homes in Israel and in Germany. They talked about how their lives were influenced by meeting Přemysl Pitter and his co-workers. In documentaries archival materials and photography were used, too. The whole project was financed by the Foundation of Přemysl Pitter and Olga Fierz.
The documentaries were shot by Mr. and Mrs. Křen, to-be Pitter´s child Pavel Kohn was involved in, too. Specialist advisers were PhDr. Markéta Pánková, director of NPMK, and PhDr. Lenka Lajsková, research worker of the Archive of P. Pitter and O. Fierz.

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