Archive of Přemysl Pitter and Olga Fierzová
Without love, without humanity, without compassion of human to human, nothing can succeed.
Přemysl Pitter

Remembering Chava Pressburger (*21. 2. 1930 - † 3. 9. 2022)

Only a few days ago we received the sad news of the death of Chava Pressburger, née Eva Ginz. Eva and her brother Petr grew up in a mixed Czech-Jewish family of Esperantists and friends of Přemysl Pitter - Ota and Marie Ginz. Přemysl Pitter visited and helped the family during World War II and took care of Eva after her return from Theresienstadt, when he took her into one of his castle sanatoriums during the "operation castles". Eva's brother Petr Ginz unfortunately did not survive the war. Eva emigrated to Israel in 1948 and her parents managed to follow her in 1956. In Israel, Chava Pressburger devoted herself to the fine arts, became famous as a painter and also taught at an art school.

In the Archives of P. Pitter and O. Fierz, Eva Ginz's file card has been preserved, as well as personal correspondence between Ota and Maria Ginz and Přemysl Pitter, in which you can read, for example, about the difficulties of life in Israel or about Eva's "miraculous" rescue from transport from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz.

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