Archive of Přemysl Pitter and Olga Fierzová
Without love, without humanity, without compassion of human to human, nothing can succeed.
Přemysl Pitter

Holocaust Survivors ´45 Aid Society – Pitter´s children among them

The ’45 Aid Society was set up as a charitable organization in 1963. Its founders were a group of child Holocaust survivors, known as ‘the Boys’, who were brought to Great Britain after the end of the Second World War. Some of these boys and also girls spent some time directly after the war (before they left Czechoslovakia for Great Britain) in sanatoriums, which established Přemysl Pitter in several castles near Prague. About Pitter´s Castles you can read on the ’45 Aid Society website.

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In our Archive of P. Pitter and O. Fierz you can also find a letter from Elek Kochen, describing the journey to England.


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